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Spell Bottles – Made To Order

$10.00 USD

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Each spell bottle is made to order and crafted by hand with specific herbs, flowers, oils, crystals, and the deepest intentions to aid you on your journey. 

These 10mL glass spell bottles can serve you in many ways! I personally view them as an extra boost of focused energy & tools to keep nearby, on an altar, in your bag, under your pillow, throughout your home, or to give as a beautiful gift to a friend.

There is truly no right or wrong way to interact with your spell bottle; it is a talisman to assist you, a place to focus your energy and remember that the world truly has your back through its many natural and energetic gifts.

Each bottle will be completely unique to your order, and I will choose the herbs, flowers, oils, colors, and crystals to best serve you based on the spell jar option you choose! 

All jars come with complete descriptions of ingredients & their purposes. Ingredients are all natural, but not recommended for consumption. You do not need to do anything specific with your bottle upon receiving, but you may choose to open your bottle to integrate the ingredients into your spell work, or as an offering.

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